Evol, an author’s wine from Jumilla to discover.

EVOL is a Monastrell monovarietal with a short breeding in wood, (about three months) that comes from the call Clérigos Place, in Jumilla. Her name, according to the eloquent Elisa Martínez, refers to evolution, is composed of the initial of her nieces and also, is “love” (love in English) read backwards. A wine that displays a great power in the palate, with a predominant fruit among subtle floral memories. A very elaborate Monastrell.


Harvest, manual with selection of clusters made in September 2014.
Vinification, Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with a 2-day cold maceration. Subsequently maceration for 12 more days where long and continuous traced to extract tannins from the skins and nugget, in addition to all the aromatic and phenolic potential of the grape.
Aging, malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels for 1 month afterwards, was removed and continued for two more months in the same barrels until reaching the complexity and roundness sought.

Beautiful and intense red cherry color with blue tones, reflecting his youth. Aromas to ripe red fruit, the primary aromas of the grape highlight, very floral reminds us of violet, in addition to subtle notes vanilla and balsamic that gives its short passage through barrel.

In mouth is powerful, fruity, with large noble tannins but with a complex, sweet and meaty character. A very long and persistent ending. Its complexity makes it suitable for a wide range of dishes, such as red and white meats, stews and pasta well seasoned, rice and above all, with the rich Mediterranean gastronomy.

Aromas en mi copa is the personal project of the winemaker Elisa Martínez Navarro. Under this name materialized the idea of creating his own wine: EVOL


After years of working for other wineries and wine groups, Elisa felt the need to make her own wine. Encouraged by her family and friends, she began her entrepreneurial career in 2012, founding “Aromas en mi copa”. A project of “wine author” as she likes to call it.

Very attached to her land, Jumilla, began a search for a vineyard that would be able to give a grape of great quality. For this he chose a plantation in free-standing in an area called “Paraje de los Clérigos” with a Monastrell that is more than 35 years old. Its owner, Juan Perez willingly agreed to provide his pampered grape for this project.

Elisa considers that Monastrell “is a variety that survives adverse conditions of growth, very resistant to drought, rich in anthocyanins and with little tannicity; if good techniques are used in its elaboration, the result of the wines is excellent” – us account.
With two years in the market, Evol is making a gap between the wines of Jumilla.


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