MHV (Mankind Heritage Vines),an excellent harmony of freshness, fruit and terroir.

Red wine made with the varieties 60% Tintilla de Rota, 40% Romé under  D.O.Sierras de Malaga.


Selected and hand picked vintage in 7 kg boxes. The vineyards are their own, are surrounded by holm oaks, and are at altitudes between 600 and 900 meters.
Vinified in concrete tanks of 1700 liters with long macerations and temperature controlled at 25ºC. Aged, The wine is raised for 6 months in concrete tanks.

Intense purple color. In nose presents a complex and intense aroma of ripe red fruits, cherries, strawberries, with a spicy and floral background.The mouth it is round, fresh, fruity, with ripe and sweet tannin.

melo_fic_2This limited production red is made in Finca La Melonera, located in the Serranía de Ronda. Its name comes from the acronyms corresponding to Mankind Heritage Vines, Vineyards World Heritage, and has been elaborated applying the knowledge learned in the project of recovery of native varieties of Andalusia developed by the winery.

In April 2003 winemaker Javier Suqué shared with his cousin Jorge Viladomiu Peitx the illusion of doing something that left a mark and at the same time paid homage to a whole life dedicated to the cultivation of the vine.

This was how, together with a group of investors, embarked on the adventure of finding the best location for the creation of unique wines.
Currently, the project La Melonera is based on two fundamental axes: on the one hand the recovery of historical varieties and on the other the cultivation of a viticulture of excellence in harmony with the characteristics of the land in which it is.
To carry out these purposes, both Javier and Jorge use the work of Ana de Castro Rufián as technical director of the winery.


After much research into the interminable volumes of the private library of Perelada Castle, owned by the Suqué Mateu family since 1923, the answer appeared among the pages of a book written in 1807, detailing the incomparable characteristics of The Serrania de Ronda and its ancient wine-growing tradition, interrupted at the end of the 19th century by the plague of phylloxera.
With patience and pampering the native strains were tracked and recovered to return them to that land bathed by the Mediterranean sun, the winds of the Atlantic and a tradition of vines dating back to the time of the Phoenicians.

With a south-south-east orientation, the Finca La Melonera covers about 200 hectares whose altitudes fluctuate between 650 and 940 meters, which makes possible a daily thermal oscillation of up to 20 degrees in both winter and summer. This added to the more than 800 liters of annual rainfall and the humid winds that arrive untroubled from the Atlantic, turn it into an excellent enclave for the vineyard.


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