La Zorra Raro 100% Rufete, easy to drink, fresh and vibrant.

Raro red wine, elaborated under the protected designation of origin Sierra de Salamanca, is a monovarietal of  Rufete grape variety, different and original. In this wine has been tried to show the expressiveness of the variety in its fullness.


The variety with which the wine is made comes from the estate “La Jara”, in San Esteban de la Sierra; As well as “Las Brozas”, in Santibáñez de la Sierra, and “El Hituero”, in the term of Cristóbal.

With maceration prefermentative in cold, after which it spontaneously fermented with the native yeast to not more than 21 °, minimum pressed and after controlled malolactic and finished, a slight passage through second year French barrels. Clean by racking, without aggressive techniques.

Aged 5 and a half months in oak barrels 100% French second year.

The  Raro is pure Rufete from old vineyards planted on granite and slate soils fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged for a short time (111 days!) in barrel. It has a bright (almost fluorescent!) red-ruby color, translucent and with a showy, exuberant nose denoting youth and plenty of character, notes of smoked bacon, licorice, underbrush and meaty blue fruit. It’s young, but has complexity and changes quickly in the glass. The palate is light to medium-bodied, with the flavors found in the nose, and no noticeable tannins. This is easy to drink, fresh and vibrant.

La Zorra Wines is born of the restlessness of two people determined to recover the great vitivinícola past of the Mountain range of France.

Agustín Maillo and Olga Martín were born in the area and since children lived in an environment “impregnated with wine”. From September to spring the village smelled of vintage, of fermentation, of the “desmostes” (discoveries), orujos and aguardientes. The Fox as a project is born precisely to take back something they had inside and that sooner or later had to leave. A moral debt to their elders, a passion: making wine.


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