Ossian Capitel, full of character and authenticity. Nothing to do with another Verdejo.

White wine  100% Verdejo.V.T. Castilla y León, Ossian Capitel is a project of Ossian vides y vinos winery and represents a very particular expression of the Verdejo of old vines, taking it far in its potential of fineness, elegance and longevity. It is made in selected years with a selection of extraordinary grape parties.

Manual harvesting in boxes of 15 kg. Rigorous inspection on selection table. Whole clusters, without destemm grapes and traditional Burgundian pressing in vertical manual press with treading of the grapes. Certified organic farming.

After the alcoholic fermentation the wine has remained without racking in the French barrels, 50% new and 50% of a wine, to complete a breeding of ten months with cane on its lees. Partial malolactic fermentation in barrel.


Old yellow gold color with greenish reflections. in nose, surprising in nuances and very deep, the soil immediately makes it different from the rest of the wines from the region. It has a marked balsamic personality, with aromas of cedar wood, bay leaf, cigar ash and yellow fruit.. The mouth is fresh, full and very light.

It may seem too evolved,  but it has character and authenticity. Nothing to do with another Verdejo.

The project was founded in 2005 on absolutely exceptional vineyards between 100 and 200 years old. These are Prefilozoic Verdejos, since that terroir escaped the plague due to its sandy condition. In 2013, the characteristics of these vineyards, together with the singularity of the elaborated wines, managed to capture the attention of the family Ruiz Aragoneses, owner of the river winery Pago de Carraovejas, which acquires the majority of the shareholder of this winery, incorporating it To your family business group.

The vineyards are located in the Segovian town of Nieva, the highest town in the entire Denomination of Origin Rueda, between 840 and 930 meters above sea level (150 meters more than in the area near the Douro), in a Area known as “The Cord of the Merinas”. This causes a peculiar climate, with thermal oscillations day / night greater than in the valley, which delays the date of the harvest with slower and longer maturation cycles, in order, it improves the quality of the mosto.Por another side, in Ossian There is the conviction that to make a great wine is essential to start from the best raw material and in the case of a vineyard like this, it is necessary to carry out the most natural techniques to express the best of the land without any external factor interfering with it. For this reason its bet has always been the application of techniques of Eco-logical Agriculture, It is the oldest ecological vineyard registered and certified in the D.O. Rueda.


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