Branco de Santa Cruz, a vindication of the power of white wines.

White wine from D.O Valdeorras, mostly Godello with Treixadura, Doña Blanca and Palomino of old vines on granite soils planted in the slopes of the river Bibei in the town of Santa Cruz. The must fermented in 600 l barrels. And fudres of oak to later carry out the rearing of between 10 and 12 months in these same fudres of oak. A clear bet by Telmo Rodríguez in his quest for a white terroir and quality.

Is a vindication of the power of white wines with expressive capacity, strength and longevity.

Its structure and its unique complex aroma highlighted by the fresh fruit, which, together with the fine lees, are wrapped in a very special balsamic and earthy background. In the mouth stands out the perfect balance between fruit, spices, acidity and maturity. Its end is very persistent and pleasant and leaves us its memory in the mouth during a long period of time.


Telmo Rodriguez was trained in France; He worked for some time at Remelluri, his family’s winery in La Rioja Alavesa, and in 1994 he started with Pablo Eguzkiza one of the most interesting wine projects of the last decades in Spain: the Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company. Three years ago he returned to Remelluri to undertake a deep process of renovation of the property, which today he runs with his sister and that combines with the Company of Wines.

From the start, the aim of the company has been to use native Spanish varieties. This philosophy originally differed from the on-going interest in the planting of foreign varieties, pretty much in every Spanish vineyard region. Another noteworthy initiative, again from the earliest days of the business, is the recovery of abandoned or forgotten vineyards.


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