Albariño de Fefiñanes III Year, one of the most impressive white wines in Spain.

White wine from Rías Baixas, 100% Albariño.


Fefiñanes III Year is the most recent wine of this winery in Cambados, although its first vintage goes back 15 years, specifically to the year 2002. It is also the wine of the smallest production of the house, with only 6,000 bottles in this Add 2013. An Albariño for those who like the Rías Baixas with long crianzas, which is reflected here in an aging of 27 months in storage, 6 of them on lees. The result, as might be expected, is a long, persistent and unctuous wine.

Pale yellow, bright and well presented. Fruity ripe fruit, applesauce, pear and notes of linden and camomile. Balsamic aromas that give way to the flavors of a mature white wine: freshness with softness and bitterness with unctuousness. Antagonistic dualities, which are conjugated and harmonized in this great Albariño of long travel, persistence and honesty.

Palacio de Fefiñanes is a family winery that since the beginning of the 20th century has produced some of the most prestigious and acclaimed Albariños in Galicia.
The winery is considered the first in Galicia to market Albariño wine with brand and label. It was specifically in the year 1928 when the mark was registered, with a design elaborated by the compostela artist Enrique Mayer that is still in force today.
The winery is currently supported by a small vineyard owned by centennial vineyards located within the property. In addition they are also fed by a small number of wine growers from Cambados.

Fefiñanes produces about 150,000 bottles a year, distributed in three wine brands: Albariño de Fefiñanes, elaborated in the classic way of the whites of the Rías Baixas; 1583 Albariño of Fefiñanes, that collects the tradition of elaboration in wood of the house; And Albariño Fefiñanes III Year, with a long aging on lees.


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