Paco García Experiencia Nº2, a beast of Graciano to tame, an authentic experience.

Red wine from La Rioja, made 100% with the native grape Graciano.


It is not easy to find a Rioja elaborated entirely with the native Graciano, and it is the legend that this grape is named after the response given by the locals when offered (Gracias, no =”Thank you, no”), due to the robust nature of the grape Which has always been known.

The boys of Paco Garcia, however, have tried to turn the story around and for this they carry out a late harvest to pick it up the optimum maturity point. After a breeding one year, they refine it for 6 more months in large barrels (500 liters) and keep it in the bottle for a minimum of 18 months more in order to “tame the beast”.

“Few people even from Rioja have ever tasted a 100% Graciano wine, so with This wine, Experience 2,  the winery want to show another side of the La Rioja vineyard that many fans are unaware of.” Juan Bautista García, oenologist of Bodegas  Paco García.


Vinification, total fermentation for 10 days, the first two prefermentative at 16ºC and the following 8 alcoholic fermentation at 24ºC, letting it die at 28ºC.
Aging, 12 months in French oak barrels of 225 liters and 6 months in oak barrels of 500 liters of French oak. Later it has a breeding in bottle of 18 months minimum.

Color, Bordeaux. In nose presents spices, black plum, blackberry and scrub walk on a background of pine needles.
Tasty palate, creamy, elegant and velvety. Long and balanced aftertaste. Look for an intense and powerful dish and create a marriage of much character or if you prefer, give your space to this Gratian experience and make the relationship more peaceful sip to sip as one who savors a great bite.

Bodegas Paco García is an original and very young project that, nevertheless, is born of a solid family history linked to the vineyard in the locality riojana of Murillo of the River Leza. Juan Bautista García is an oenologist and second generation of the Pablo García, a family of wine growers who after increasing the vegetable mass of their vineyards decided in 2001 to found their own winery. By a tragic event of destiny, Juan returned to La Rioja to help his father in the family hold. He was only 21 years old and a great concern, his friends and the people of his generation did not drink almost wine.


When in 2008 he is in charge of the winery decides to make a change in the style of the wines to give a solution to the dilemma that always gnawed at him, the generational decline of wine consumption. His objective was to make a different wine, which would reflect his personal vision of how he understood the world, but also reflected the heritage of his father, the founder of the winery. This is how Paco García wines emerge, on the one hand, uses the name of his father as a tribute to his roots and on the other, it is his personal bet to engage the young people with wines that are more modern that taste for their fruitiness and sweetness To the palate.


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