Llanos del Almendro, one of the highest-quality wines in the world.

Red wine 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo), D.O.Ribera de Duero.


Coming from 130 year old vineyards located on a very specific plot, Llanos del Almendro is one of the highest-quality wines of Dominio de Atauta and one of its three wines. Made with the region’s queen grape, Tempranillo, and aged for 18 months in 50% new French oak. This wine has a complex and elegant aroma with a mastery of ripe forest fruits combined with balsamic notes.

Cherry color. In nose is discreet, complex and elegant aroma, ripe red and black berries combined with balsamic notes of black licorice. It develops in the mouth amplitude and carnosidad, generating a mantle of very fine granular tannins. Fleshy.

In the province of Soria, in the most eastern part of the Ribera de Duero denomination, there is a population with a well-known wine heritage: Atauta.

There, in the valley of Atauta, is since 2000 the cellar Dominio de Atauta. A singularity? The altitude at which its vineyard is located, between 950 and 1,000 meters above sea level, in a valley where the wind is constantly running, from west to east, cleaning and drying the grapes and providing To them a very slow ripening.


Dominio de Atauta manages more than 600 parcels (15 hectares are in property, to which they add the control of another 45) of grapes Fine Ink (Tempranillo) without any chemical treatment. The age of the strains does not lower of the 60 years, together To others that exceed the century and a half, and 80% are pre-phylloxera. The vineyard is planted in a glass, which avoids the transpiration of water, and only sheep manure is used, without chemical additives of any kind. In this way, the grass grows among the vines, helping to reduce the vigor of the vine, favoring the concentration of flavors in the grapes.


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