LA BOTA Nº 57 “FLORPOWER” MMXII, a great “iconoclastic” wine to discover.

This wine under the  Equipo Navazos project, The Boot of Florpower MMXII 57, is the second vintage that is extracted from the same boot that already had created to the Boot of Florpower MMX Nº 44, everything indicates that this new vintage has acquired new nuances in these two years that make it superior to the much applauded previous bag. This new wine pays homage to the richness of the whites raised under a veil of flower to natural graduation, that is, without fortifying.


It is made from 100% fine palomino grapes from Sanluqueño vineyards, mainly located in the Miraflores Pago.

Vinification in tank of stainless steel. After fermentation the wine was breeding under a flower veil for 30 months.
Aged 8 months in boot. Almost 2 years in deposits. In July 2013 the wine was removed from the boots and passed to a single stainless steel tank where, always under the much more subtle influence of flower yeast, it remained until bottled.

Intense and sharp nose that displays aromas of apple, tender almond, yeast and dry hay.
In mouth presents a kind entrance, with lively acidity, salty touches and acacia honey background.
It is recommended to consume at a temperature between 9ºC and 12ºC in a large glass.
Redy for consume or it can be kept open for years, as it acquires a more complex oxidative profile over the years.
Perfect pairing with potatoes seasoned with melva, marmitako, cooked nécoras or baked sea bream and also with marinated herring or mussels to the marinera. Suggestive is its harmonization with the spicy cuisine of Southeast Asia.

First of all it should be known that Equipo Navazos is not a winery as such, it is a group of people with a single obsession: to discover wines with extraordinary singularity.


The story of Equipo Navazos goes hand in hand with the passion shared by a large group of great lovers and connoisseurs of generous Andalusians. Specifically, and although they do not like to star, by the personal commitment of Eduardo Ojeda and Jesús Barquín.
Aware of the treasures that lie hidden in the hulls of the winery of Jerez, Sanlúcar and El Puerto, and also of Montilla and its surroundings, they set out to recover some of those jewels.
At the end of 2005, Equipo Navazos began to select some of those wine boots in light of their special complexity and fineness and to bottle them in very limited series, mainly for enjoyment and satisfaction of own and of friends.
Later, the number of bottles in circulation has been growing, always within a few artisan limits, at most a few thousand bottles, and sometimes only a few hundred.

Likewise, Equipo Navazos has been increasingly involved in the previous stages, collaborating intensively with the producers in the different stages of production, from the same vineyard, and even associating with some of them in the elaboration of some specific wines and brandys under Direct participation.


The true merit of the extraordinary quality of the wines selected by Equipo Navazos is one of the generations of winemakers and winemakers created centuries ago and who have maintained and continue to maintain excellence in Andalusian winemaking. Especially in the landmarks of Jerez and Montilla, where are located the admirable wineries that house these treasures.


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