Pasos de San Martín, a “village” wine where the Grenache expresses a high potential of keep.

Pasos de San Martín is one of the cataloged as “wine of town” by Artazu (Artadi). It comes from vineyards located in San Martín de Unx, Navarra, and worked with a viticulture respectful of the surroundings. Garnacha with a high potential of guard that is characterized by its aromas of mount low and an energetic mouth, fruity and with fresh and delicate tannins. A purebred navarre with the seal of one of the best wineries in the Region.


Manual harvest in boxes of 15 kilograms that did not begin until the second week of October. Selection of clusters and berries. It is carried out after a process of viticulture of maximum respect for the environment and with absence of pesticides and herbicides. Integrated viticulture.
Vinification in open tanks with cold maceration for 48 hours and fermentation for 10-12 days with two daily steps and a small reassembly. Malolactic in barrel. Aging 12 months in French oak barrels of 500 liters.

The idea of the winery “Artadi” is to produce two “village” wines, one from Artazu (the Santa Cruz) and this new one from San Martin. The wine from San Martin is slightly lighter and less deep than the wine from Artazu. Here the yields are slightly larger, 4,000-4,500 kilos per hectare. The fruit is red rather than

black, with good acidity for a ripe vintage, keeping the elegance and balance, with some roasted coffee and chocolate flavors toward the end. In the mouth it is energetic, fruity. Delicate and fresh tannins.


Artazu, belonging to the group of wineries Artadi, was launched in 1996. Behind this adventure is the impulse of Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, a professional of recognized experience in the Spanish wine sector. The aim is to seek the authenticity of Garnacha cultivated in Navarre.

López de Lacalle has always been obstinate in showing the potential and the variety of nuances of a grape as native as the Garnacha, and with that objective started this winery.

The project began with the acquisition of 60-year-old vineyards in the town of Artazu, Valdizarbe, an old wine-growing village located in the northernmost part of Navarre. The result, wines loaded with historical message and elaborated under a viticulture halfway between the almost lost heritage of grapes that were for some time denuded and almost abandoned, and the purest vanguard.


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