Sinesquema, quality hidden in a glass.

A red wine of short aging (80% Monastrell  and 20% Syrah), that offers us in the glass a wine of great layer, bright red, cherry, of very complex tear because of the alcoholes. In nasal phase we have a very strong initial attack on fruits with great force, with great freshness and acidity, this last one assures us a very promising bottle guard. In the mouth we have ripe red fruits, very silky, the retropaladar is a spectacle, seems not to disappear, with its touches to licorice and sometimes land. The carbonic is a bit noticeable at first and soft tannins in the upper palate.


The winery is an example of a careful treatment of the raw material, all the work is carried out so that all the aromas and nuances arrive at the glass, a delicate work starting at the vine and since the grape harvest is worked without stress or forced labor, the fementacion to a temperature and humidity, that will characterize these wines, the aging is an example of modernity and care in new barrels.

Under the premise of “processing by gravity”, it respects the natural processing process by moving the wine, letting it fall by its own weight and processing the grape with the utmost respect. The winemaker Piernas tries to make every grape kernel turn into wine in the most natural and artisan way possible. A traditional philosophy where quality is imposed on quantity.

Jorge Piernas Bodegas and Vineyards is born of the respect and deep love that Juan Piernas instilled in his family for the wine.
In the 1940s he became a leading businessman in the sale, transport and distribution of wine. Although deep down, he always dreamed of bringing a value to this atavistic and complex world he loved so much; But he never gave in to those longings. Perhaps because of prudence, perhaps because of that respect, the issue is that he sowed a concern that would end in fermenting his heirs.
Today it is his grandson, Jorge Piernas, who assumes the weight of labeling the illusion of a family and the effort of two generations preparing and forming to offer that value with which Juan Legs dreamed.


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