Marqués de Alcántara, the real blue wine.

Blue wine. Not only is there a single wine with this characteristic blue color, in Spain we have  the”Marqués de Alcántara”.


The blue wine gets its coloration thanks to the anthocyanins. These are natural pigments that confer a bluish tonality and are found in various vegetables such as blueberries, blackberries and in the skin of red grapes. In the case of wine made by Marqués de Alcántara this pigmentation is extracted from the skin of the grape and mixed with the wine obtained from the chardonnay variety until the desired color is achieved. Anthocyanins are antioxidants and therefore have antiaging properties.

Marqués de Alcántara is located in Almería, in the Tabernas Desert area. It is a monovarietal of char00803murmu_2donnay fruit of the initiative of Rubén Soto, a young entrepreneur of Orihuela. It is the first non-sparkling blue wine made in the world that exclusively uses this variety. Remember that it is an original product and we can not judge it in the same way as a traditional wine, in fact we can not apply the usual parameters in a wine tasting.

We can say that apart from its incredible turquoise-blue color it smells of wine, it reminds us of a white, albeit with a sweeter and more sweet nose. Notes of tropical fruit – mango -, peach in syrup, jellies and apple are clearly perceived. In the mouth the sensations are similar although we notice it more unctuous than a traditional target. It also has a refreshing character that makes it ideal to try a party or an aperitif. This seems to be the most genuine blue wine or with more similarities to how to make a traditional wine.


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