Viñas del Cadastro,one of the most sought after, a wine to discover the great wine potential of D.O. Arlanza.

Viñas del Cadastro is a red wine from the D.O. Arlanza by Olivier Rivière. It is a coupage in which Tempranillo (95%) clearly predominates, to which is added a small amount of Garnacha (5%).


The grapes used by Viñas del Cadastro come exclusively from the town of Covarrubias, located near Burgos. The climate of this zone is of moderate continental type, being the summer soft and the winters cold, reaching even temperatures of -10º.

The vineyards – ecologically cultivated – from which Viñas del Cadastro is born are between 950 and 1,000 meters of altitude. The soils are mainly gravelly and with high presence of boulders. Production is low, reaching a maximum of 1,500 kilos per hectare.

The grapes are vinified and reared separately based on the vineyard from which they come. The grapes ferment in the first place in small deposits of between 1,000 and 1,500 liters of capacity. Subsequently a pressing phase is carried out.

Viñas del Cadastro rests ultimately in French oak barrels , about 20% of which are new oak , for about 19 months. It is finally bottled without being clarified or flaked.

Chestnut red, clean  and bright. In nose , fruit aromas  and ripe fruit. The mouth is Intense with well integrated tannins, tasty  and balanced.


With small projects in Rioja, Arlanza and Navarra, the Frenchman Olivier Rivière is one of the clearest representatives of the new batch of small producers that have emerged in Spain in the last decade.

He came to our country in 2004 to work with Telmo Rodríguez, but very soon he began to buy grapes and to elaborate on his own. In recent years it has also made its own vineyards in different areas which, faithful to its philosophy Burgundian, elaborates separately. The first was in the place El Quemado, in Covarrubias, a forgotten valley of the Ribera del Arlanza (Burgos); Then Alto Redondo arrived in Dicastillo (Navarra) and more recently several vineyards in the surroundings of Laguardia (Rioja). Emologically advises Emilo Valerio in Navarre and Lacus wineries in Rioja, whose facilities in Aldeanueva de Ebro also produces his rugs.

For Rivière the focus is on the vineyard and the production of high quality grapes. It is usually made by municipalities or vineyards and is committed to small vinification tanks: cement tanks or oak tubs from 2,000 to 5,000 liters. He often uses scrape in fermentation and definitely bets on large volumes for aging: 300 and 500 liter barrels.

The project of Ribera del Arlanza is centered on the tempranillo cultivated in the specific place of Covarrubias, characterized by its altitude and differentiated microclimate. Originally it included two reds: one of municipality, the Cadastre (about 4,000 bottles), elaborated with grapes of three different places; And the El Quemado label (about 1,000 bottles) along with the very low white Basques, which is made by collecting the white grapes, mostly from the royal alley, which are distributed in different Vineyards and that is not made in all vintages. La Vallada has subsequently been launched, which is made from grapes from a local winegrower.


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