Escondite del Ardacho, Las Paredes. The memory of an ancient land.

DOC Rioja, with 15% alcohol. Clay and sandstone form the replenishment of Viñaspre (640 meters above sea level), mother rock very close to the old strains of Garnacha (95%, rest of tempranillo), spontaneous fermentation of the must in open barrels. Nine months in barrels and one year in bottle. 

img_1955It sounds like scrub and olive, sandstone and mountain that receive the mistral. Roberto Oliván is like the wind that gathers the essence and the flavors of an ancient land And wise and turns them into wine.

Roberto Oliván, the winegrower, naturally takes care of the secular tradition of Viñaspre, in the Rioja Alavesa, and of the replans, hollows and troughs that draw a singular profile.


escondite_ardacho_paredes_laviniaThere is no noise or tension: there is naturalness and spirit always open to the teachings of the elders. Roberto and Leire are partners and lead a unique journey to the roots of a love for the land that does not need big headlines: it needs the warmth of the home, a friendly talk and someone who wants to hear how this earth speaks through its wine.

Las Paredes is a small old vineyard designed to fit the man and his work with his hands. The mud and the red earth appear with subtlety, and the deep aromas of field: thyme and oregano. It is a wine without fuss, but with a fine and complex bouquet: violets and wild strawberries. It has volume and energy, heart and intensity. It smells like a flock and a long shadow of the saw on the vineyard; He knows peace and loaves bread.

Tact and kindness, silk and darkness, love and intensity, discretion and fragrances. The wines of the winery Tentenublo speak of the La Riojan land and how to smell and drink it.

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