Wrongo Dongo, authenticity and modernity in Jumilla.

Red wine Monastrell 100% from D.O Jumilla. Bodegas Volver 


 The maceration is done in stainless steel tanks, during 15 days, at temperatures below 27º. Alcohol: 15%.

The vineyards of Monastrell are between 25 and 35 years old, they grow in a “glass” system in lands with a lot of limestone. Temperature fluctuations are large from 10 ° C in the morning to around 43 ° C at noon. Few rainy days  during the year.


Bright red. Aromatic aromas of red and black berries, complemented by touches of spirits and herbs. The indicators of its good quality are the firm characteristics, centered on flavors of raspberries and black cherries; Its nucleus is energetic acidity. The finish is subtle black currant and has a good persistence. No excess fat.

Recommended to enjoy  with red meats, roasts, poultry, rices, cured cheese, blue cheeses and mushrooms.

This project is the result of the look of Jorge Ordoñez to the market and the good work done in Rafael Cañizares’ production processes of regions lesser known in Spain, so that between both, they obtain the result of a product of high guarantee with the Authenticity of the area but with a modern vision towards the market.

In lesser-known regions such as Jumilla, Calatayud and Montsant, Ordoñez partnered with the best winemakers to create wines where none existed before, wines imbued with the Spanish spirit and terroir and, at the same time, very much in line with modern tastes. Finally, this has become the new perception of Spanish wine in America: authentic but modern. Its mission was to create a market for Spanish wines, where it did not exist before, and to help Spanish winemakers believe that their wines deserved a site at the same level as the best wines of Europe and America. Jorge has an impressive list of accomplishments: named twice, by Robert Parker, Wine Personality of the Year in the US; Has received the Golden Grape Award in 1997 for Food & Wine Magazine. In 2008, Jorge was named The Luminary of the Year at the Nanucket Wine Festival, the first time this award was awarded. Also recognized in Spain, in 1997 he won the National Gastronomy Prize Víctor de la Serna, awarded by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy and was the Wine Person of the Year in 2008 by the prestigious magazine Sibaritas, of the Peñín Guide.



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