Hacienda El Ternero white barrel fermented, pure essence of viura.

Rioja White wine 100% Viura from the winery Hacienda El Ternero.

blanco-fermentado-en-barrica_2_0f74fccf22d5493eaa688f05515914baSelection of the best bunches of grapes, vine by vine. Fermented in new French oak barrels, where it remains on its lees for 4 months.

Straw yellow colour, bright, with light tones of pale gold. Sweet aromas reminiscent of pineapple jam, pastry and almond blossoms. Tropical fruits and fruit, such as pear or apple, in syrup. Full and rounded on the palate with good acidity, a long presence and sweet undertones.

Hacienda El Ternero is an enclave of Castile in Rioja Alta. Its origin as a medieval monastery dates back to the year 1077. Its history, its location and the limiting altitude of its vineyards make it a unique winery. The land is never more important.

A unique vineyard in one of the highest areas of Rioja, which gives their  vines a privileged location which is subsequently reflected in their wines.

Shallow soils, with a high percentage of limestone, with different altitudes and orientations, surrounded by forests, mean that these vines grow in a privileged environment, giving the grapes that they produce a special personality, perfect for elaborating aged-wines with the character of this  estate.


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