BROA, a new jewel of the Ribera Sacra.

Red wine from the D.O. Ribera Sacra (80% Mencía, 15% Garnacha tintorera y 5% Tempranillo) of the winery Adega Broa a project of the sommelier Bruno Somvelle. 

Vineyard located in Santiorxo (Sober / Lugo),  1 hectare (more than half corresponding to Mencía). Strains between 15/20 years of age. Soil, mostly granitic.


Harvest, Manual, held on September 27th. Vinification, a destemming and subsequent complete alcoholic fermentation is carried out in a stainless steel barrel during which it is homogenized with gentle daily pumping. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine is passed to French oak barrels and American oak, giving rise to a spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Aging in the same barrels (French and American oak) for 4 months. Finally, it stabilizes naturally in stainless steel, without filtration, for about three months. Once stabilized, it is bottled and it is carried out reductive aging in bottle for at least 6 months before being released.


Pale red color of high layer with rosy tones and long and dense tear. In nose, good intensity attack, with aromas reminiscent of red berries and raspberry on a subtly spicy background, reminiscent of biscuit and cacao. The mouth is nice, fresh and friendly entrance with good body, balanced acidity and fair and light tannin. A fruity and sweet aftertaste reminiscent of fruit jam (raspberry, red berries) as well as a spicy souvenir of cacao.

After the success obtained in the first vintage Bruno Somvelle sommelier presents us the vintage 2014 project Broa. A red barrel – denomination used in Ribeira Sacra for wines with 6 months of aging in wood – elaborated with less than one hectare of Mencía, Garnacha and Tempranillo on granitic soils. Production limited to 1000 bottles in a vintage rated as very good, but with a complicated vintage finish that tested the exercise of viticulture throughout the year.

descarga-26 descarga-27

Bruno Lovelle, sommelier and now a developer, comes from a family of wine growers in the Ribeira Sacra area closest to the Miño river. Breathing wine and vintage from a very small age, his relationship with wine began 20 years ago and the hand of his grandfather, helping him to produce wines for self-consumption in the small family bodega.

Self-taught, in 2008 seriously begins to experiment. After an anecdotal incident with his grandfather’s 50-year-old family barrel, he incorporates stainless steel into the family bodega and begins to make young wines for self-consumption. From the second year it incorporates the wood to the wines after the purchase of two American oak barrels of 225 liters. He started the first wood trials with Mencía and Merlot but soon discarded the latter to bet on Garnacha tintorera and Tempranillo. In 2011 the production and purchase of two French oak barrels increased, an evolution that finally led to the production of Broa.   broa-panoramicadesdesantiorxo-carrusel-09

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