Castaño Colección Cepas Viejas, quality and elegance in every sip.

Red Wine from D.O. Yecla, 70% Monastrell, 30% Cabernet sauvignon.


The name of this wine is due to the age of the vineyards from which come its grapes, with 45 years of age for the case of Monastrell. This is a coupage of the Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, which results in a smooth mouth with slightly elegant but elegant tannins and an end with plenty of persistence. A perfect opportunity to know the benefits of the best wines of Yecla. 

Grapes from Vineyards located at an altitude of 750 meters, with north-south orientation. Type of short pruning, with potting (for Monastrell) and low yielding trellis (for Cabernet Sauvignon). Density of planting of 1600 strains per hectare.

Monastrell 45 years and Cabernet sauvignon 32 years. 16 days of alcoholic fermentation at constant temperature between 26 and 28ºC. Subsequent malolactic fermentation.

10 months aging in barrel. This wine does not undergo stabilization prior to bottling.

Dark red and intense, bright. Nose complex, nuances of ripe black fruits and spicy notes (clove, black pepper) and elegant woods. In the mouth it is soft, bulky at the same time as soft and delicate, with marked but elegant tannins. Long and persistent finish. 

Consumption optimum from the moment of purchase.

Ramón Castaño Santa’s relationship with the world of wine goes back several generations, both winemakers and processors. In 1950, Ramón built a new winery, updating the technical means with which he counted and expanding the family vineyards.


In 1975 it acquired its first vineyards in the place of “Las Gruesas”, but it was not until 1980 when it began to bottle, an attitude that seemed too daring in the then conservative wine world of Yecla.

The gradual incorporation of his three children – Ramón, Juan Pedro and Daniel – to the family winery throughout the 1980s brought a new approach: strengthening national markets and beginning a stage of expansion into international markets.


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