Sótil, a delicate red from Mallorca, easy to drink and ready to enjoy.

Sótil is a light and delicate red from Mallorca, 100%  Callet ,  subtle in aromas, with a trail of violets that flutters, soft in the mouth and at the same time with a sweet and persistent dot. Very easy to drink, to enjoy it practically alone and to let go.

Vineyards located in Porreres and in Felanixt cultivated in biodynamics and with animal traction.


15 hectares. More than 50 years. Soils are clay with high calcareous and clay components with abundant ferric oxide (call vermell).The Climate is typically Mediterranean, with very high temperatures in summer and moderately low during the winter.

Manual harvesting. Vinification: Manual selection of the best clusters of the Callet, lengthening the maceration postfermentative and performing the malolactic in French oak barrels. Aging: 12 months in first year French oak barrels.

Nose at the beginning closed which after aeration displays intense herbal aromas and spicy notes on toasted backgrounds. In mouth is Fresh, with fluid passage and very easy to drink, the fruit missing from the nose is compensated in the mouth, with a very pleasant sweet tooth. Temperature, Between 14º and 16ºC. It is recommended to aerate before serving.

Optimum consumption recommended now and in the next five years.

Mesquida Mora is a young project, which starts from the need of the winemaker Bárbara Mesquida to continue making wine. Barbara comes from a wine cellar family (her father founded the Jaume Mesquida winery) and from a young age she had a close relationship with wine.


As part of his personal project, he initially had the help of his brother Jaume and currently makes his way solo. The name chosen for the winery corresponds to its two surnames and symbolizes the family inheritance. He did not seek a modern name without tradition, since the surnames are linked to the world of wine and each one represents metaphorically yin and yan, duality and complementarity of everything. The small cellar is located at the exit of Porreres, the family village, and as Barbara herself likes to call it, it is an emergency cellar. In May 2012 saw the need to have its own site to make wine, and with a family plot, laid the foundation of what would be his second home. It is a very functional and practical wine cellar, designed by Barbara herself and her husband.

The vineyard is composed of family vineyards of Callet, one of the indigenous varieties of the island, with more than 50 years of age. But also with foreign varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Suvignon and Pinot Noir, is that the Mesquida family was one of the first to plant these varieties in Mallorca. Of the 20 hectares with which it works, 15 of them are in full production and 5 hectares correspond to a small experimental vineyard.


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