White Merluzo, a young white coupage.

A young white coupage: Chardonnay, Muscat, Malvasía and Merlot created by the  Winery Binifadet in Menorca

Handpicked. Fermentation in stainless steel at 17 °C No malolactic fermentation or aging in barrel. The Merlot is vinified as blanc de noir.

Pale yellow with straw-coloured reflections. Nose: good intensity with aromas typical of stoned fruit like peach and apricot. Floral background. Light, fresh and pleasant on the palate, with fruity nuances and a lingering aftertaste.

Surprise its aroma and affability that is in mouth.

The meaning of the label, Merluzo is a Menorcan guy, Mediterranean. He loves the sea, has no inhibitions and values life for its simple things. In addition, Merluzo is a very restless person: this is why his labels change every year. The wine are fresh, light, and very Mediterranean. The wine is aimed to enjoy while relaxing overlooking the beach or the sea.


In 2004, was inaugurated this modern winery, Binifadet, designed by architect Lluís Vives, from Menorca.

Divided into two floors, the upper one is dedicated to making wine, the terrace and the shop. The bottom one is exclusively for wine aging, bottling and labeling.


Excavated into the rocks themselves, and being this part of Menorca of “marès” (limestone), the cellar is ideal to keep the temperature and humidity very stable: not too much humidity to prevent mold and not too low to prevent excessive evaporation of the barrels (known with the romantic name of “angel’s portion”), and also stable temperature to ensure the wine a peaceful rest before it is sold.



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