Barahonda Blanco, one good excuse to venture into the whites of Murcia.

White wine 100% Verdejo D.O Yecla. The Barahonda white wine is born in the limit of the continental and Mediterranean climates of our country.


Nose shows plenty of fresh fruit, green apple and honey memories, while in the mouth it is fresh, sweet and white frutal that will surprise those who have not yet ventured into the small but fascinating world of Murcia white.

Cold maceration for about 3 days in storage at 5 ° C. Fermentation at 15 ° C. During fermentation, we proceed to a daily batonage to promote fermentation and provide greater complexity to the wine. After the fermentation, the wine is racked and resting until bottling left. The whole process is carried out with inert gas to maintain its optimal wine qualities.

Nice light yellow with green highlights. Clean and bright. Powerful nose, fruity with notes of citrus and white fruit. Palate, Very fresh and intense flavor, balanced, long and complex with a slightly bitter finish. 

Optimal consumption from the time of purchase.


“Barahonda has its origin in nature. Rooted in tradition and the land of this unique place in the world. Delivers a great product with character, technically refined by the hand of man. “

This is the preface to any presentation of this family winery whose career dates back no less than two centuries opens. In 1850, D. Pedro Candela Soriano, a commercial wine sold its wines made in the jars with his small winery, became the embryo Barahonda, a winery which today has an image with the times, because that is his philosophy: combining roots and modernity.


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