Picarana, a select stealer palate with white glove.

Picarna, a white wine 100% Albillo Real variety. D.O Vinos de Madrid.

Grapes from four sites with different characteristics and altitudes ranging from 750m to 850m. Area: Peña Cruzada (0.7 ha.) Marañones terrace (1.5 ha.) Marañones top (1 Ha.)

Handpicked in boxes of 18 kilos. Winemaking, cold maceration prefermentative 12 to 20 hours. 22 Hl pneumatic press, natural settling (24 hours) and passes through the fine lees to ferment in barrels and used French oak from 500 to 700 liters light and medium roasted. 10 months Total aging.


The name chosen for this wine refers to a type of bird that lives in the highest places in the hills of San Martin de Valdeiglesias, where some vineyards are located. It is the target region of Marañones, assembled from various plots and stands out for its glyceric texture, minerality and elegance. Curiously, the Royal Albillo with which this wine is made, is grown only in San Martin de Valdeiglesias.

Pale yellow. Delicate nose of white flowers and dried flowers, balsamic (hints of thyme, rosemary). In mouth is glyceric, sweet, with notes saline (from its granitic soil).

Picarana is a pure Albillo fermented in 500 and 700 liter barrels. It has a simple, rather primal bouquet with touches of undergrowth and apple blossom. The palate has an intense melon, grapefruit and white asparagus entry that builds in the mouth and just when you think it is going to end sweet…it turns volte face and ends dry.

Not a typical white wine. Recommended optimal consumption over the next 5 years.

The winery Marañones was founded by the connection of two people and their understanding of the field and viticulture. Fernando García Alonso, Madrid, agronomist and oenologist engineer, and J. Fernando Cornejo, owner of the winery and vineyards. Together they have established a development philosophy that seeks to convey all that subtle blend of nuances derived from the characteristics of the soil, the climate, the vineyards, manufacturing processes and their way of being and realize them.


Marañones vineyards are located in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, one of the three sub-areas of the denomination of Origin Wines of Madrid. Avila and Toledo borders at the foot of the confluence of the Sierra de Guadarrama with the Sierra de Gredos and bathed by the river Alberche.

Mostly it is an area where the Grenache predominates, but also a small percentage of Morenillo. As for the white, the Albillo Royal indigenous variety of the area that springs very soon, until a month before the Garnacha.


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