Casa de la Cruz, a friendly wine from Bullas.

Red wine (Syrah 28%, Cabernet Sauvignon 28 %Merlot 28% y Monastrell 16%). from Bodegas Balcona from the D.O. Bullas.

The varieties fermented separately at a temperature of 28 ° C, then go to barrel after 25 days of fermentation also separate, new French oak barrels. Only 2,350 bottles prepared.


A red wine pillory, broad and enveloping, with a large structure, with a long and splendid finish. To pair with any red meat, to do so in the company of friends in a long meal, to enjoy it.

A wine with great development in bottles to enjoy now and the next 8 years.


Bodega Balcona  is a family winery ups. Its vineyards are located in the place Aceniche Valley, with features altitude (825 m. On average), soil and microclimate ideal for growing grapes. His first was in 1998 wine, which was excellent in the D.O. BULLAS.

The winery is situated on foot of the vineyard and the grapes harvested comes in boxes of 20 kg. In perfect condition to the reception area. They have the latest processing technology in the winery. And underground, the cellar where they sleep new Allier French oak barrels (70% of the total) and American varietals contain vinified separately. Production, 100% itself is limited to 50,000 bottles.


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