La Charla, the harmony of aroma of ripe fruit and freshness.

On the left bank of the River Douro wine are the Rueda region, which has made its flag Verdejo. In the talk, we find a very expressive, smooth, balanced white with a tropical touch, it is better not serve very cold if we appreciate all its nuances.

White Wine, D.O Rueda ( 99% Verdejo, 1% Sauvignon blanc)


“Poppies in the wind seem to be turned lilies, commenting on the generous spring in the highlands of Rueda. On the stony land stretches a sea of vineyards Verdejo. Smooth, golden, grapes offer the harmony of aroma of ripe fruit and light notes of aniseed green freshness.”

Night harvest.The scrape of the grapes is separated and berries macerate a few hours to release the aromas contained in the skin of grapes and pick them up in the must. The must remains at low temperature (14 ° C). The wine remains on the lees of yeast fermentation for 2 months growing old with contact and increasing its imprint on the palate.


Expressive scent of white fruit, pear or melon, accompanied by tropical nature – passion fruit, Mango-and-green light notes of aniseed freshness.

In mouth has a gourmand and fresh attack with a step unctuous mouth is balanced with well integrated acidity and a lingering finish.

Consume recommended now until 2017 in optimum conditions.

Codorniu Group has created the collection Vinos del Paseante to approach in a pleasant stroll through some of the Spanish wines: Rioja, Rueda, Bierzo, Montsant.


These wines are selected to capture the expression of each area and its most representative varieties; to discover the unprecedented, to provide seduction.

The selection is inspired by the figure of the walker, a curious person walking the vineyards of different areas in search of new emotions, new wines, aware of the significance and history of each territory.


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