Botijo Rojo, more than a wine , a work of art.

Red Wine from the IGP of Valdejalón (Zaragoza) 100% Garnacha tinta. The wine is project of the Winery Frontonio de Garage wines.

Manual Harvest. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks , then malolactic fermentation in cement tanks old . Only 5% of the wine undergoes aging in French oak barrels of second and third year for about six months.

The vines growing on Valdejalón receive many hours of sunshine , resist cold winters and the scourge of the north wind (wind ), delivering a handful of clusters in each strain that concentrate the great aromas and flavors of the variety : red fruits, black peppers and a balsamic background.

bodega-botijorojo-banner  images

Its architects, Mario Lopez and Fernando Mora , in a rudimentary garage produce this wine looking for the best blend among different pools in which it grow, curiously as we mentioned only 5% of the wine undergoes a short aging in oak barrels .

Granada Color Red. Intense aromas of cherries and blackberries , black pepper and a spicy background .The palate is Intense, fresh and fruity , with well-balanced tannins and pleasant minerality.

This winery was born of a great friendship and a passion for wine. Otherwise it would be difficult to understand how one of his associates left his profession and the other made available to the project his garage and family vineyards to materialize .

Mario Lopez is from Épila where his family has always had vineyards and made wine , has worked as a winemaker in different Aragonese wineries . Fernando Mora is an engineer and a few years ago left his job to devote himself to making wine . He also is studying to become a Master of Wine , an itinerary that allows you to taste more than 1,500 wines from around the world each year. A few years ago they agreed on a course and launched a joint wine project : Wineries Frontonio – The Garage Wines, their first work of art is this Botijo Rojo. 


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