Infiltrado, naturalness of D.O Jumilla.

Infiltrado wine, from D.O Jumilla, is made from grapes of Syrah 50% , Mourvèdre 40% and Grenache 10% varieties are selected and harvested by hand . maceration then takes place in cold in stainless steel tanks for 2 days. After bleeding prior to descube ends fermentation in stainless steel tanks with temperatures not exceeding 25 ° C. Finally, the malolactic fermentation of wine Infiltrator 2013 takes place in partially new French oak barrels.


It presents an attractive purplish color with intense aromas of red fruits and candies , with fine hints of new wood and white spices granted during malolactic fermentation in barrel . In the mouth it reveals very fresh with great exaltation of his youth , while perceived naturalness .

The Cellar Hacienda el Carche, native beauty and elegance, located opposite the magnificent Regional Park of the Sierra del Carche , protected natural park , spectacular setting for admiration and enjoyment that no one should abstain. In the cellar, modern lines noble materials , natural stone , marble and wood , mixed to maintain an internal temperature ideal, thus producing wines of Jumilla designation of origin and an unmistakable personality.

The staff of the cellar, mostly it consists of people who have grown up with vineyards. children and grandchildren of oenologists and winegrowers , passionate about their work , by history, by family, by tradition, whose task is not only open and consolidating markets, but convey the passion they feel for the noblest of this drink. 


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