Alaya Tierra, the most genuine essence of the garnacha tintorera.

Red Wine from D.O Almansa, monovarietal of Garnacha Tintorera planted in old vineyards located at high altitude (around 1,000 meters). This Alaya Tierra is a powerful, dense and concentrated wine , with a surprisingly wide alcohol that is in the background thanks to a silky texture and sweetness in a very long finish.


Chalky soils very poor in nutrients. The climate is continental area , with rainfall is below 350 mm annually. Very low yields .

Fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks with maximum temperatures of 25 °C.The fermentation ends in new barrels of French and American oak.

Aged for 15 months in new barrels of French and American oak.

Wine opaque black color. In nose is very powerful with hints of ripe black fruit stand on the tones of the hardwood where he has raised elegant. The palate is broad, enveloping, friendly and with a very long and crisp finish .

Consumption, preferred over the next 4 years. Pairing ideal with rice dishes with game meat and mellow , stewed vegetables , mushrooms, game and poultry, casseroles , seafood sauce , smoked, cured and blue cheeses , white meats and red both grilled and grilled .

Bodegas Atalaya is the project of Juan Gil Bodegas under the D.O Almansa.


The first crop of Bodegas Atalaya add dates back to 2007. Since then it has been progressing on site and researching the development of Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell to shape the current range of products that reflect the character and personality land that give the most emblematic varieties of the area . Bodegas Atalaya maintains the impression that the group Gil Family Estates wines wants to reflect in all of its portfolio , showing the most genuine essence of winegrowing areas they come from.


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