24 Mozas, a wine essence of the festival and tradition of Toro.

24 Mozas is a red wine from the D.O Toro produced by The Winery Divine Proportion .

This wine is a varietal 100% Tinta de Toro.


The grape of 24 Mozas comes from small plots divided between the own vineyards in property  about 20 hectares and next winegrowers in the area -Other 20 hectares . Strains have a minimum of thirty years and its production is low , so that the fruit concentrate a greater amount of aromas and expressiveness.

The different processes,  vintage , wine and crianza- are made following conventional methodology. The end result is a sensual and feminine wine : a worthy representative of Tinta de Toro wines , but softer and less graduation than usual . Before bottling , 24 Mozas aged in French oak barrels for half a year .

24 Mozas born wanting to pay tribute to their land. Hence its name , inspired by the song Uncle Babu ( ” Twenty-four girls were going to a wedding, were twenty-five , because the twenty-five was the Bride” ) , which tells the story of a traditional wedding of Toro and connects with the traditions of the area.

Garnet red  color with a high layer purple trim and clean . high intensity . In nose: Scored fruit tones with hints of very ripe black fruit ( berries ) , coconut notes and hints of spice . The palate is dry with good acidity , well made , tasty with good texture (noble and tight tannins of wood to fruit ) . slightly spicy sweet fruity finish . Good persistence .

Ready to consume , but could be improved in the bottle.

24 Mozas is one of the projects of the winery Divina Proporción , whose owner Maximo San José and his brother Juan, descendants of farmers are  involved in all processes from cultivation to marketing, making possible a perfect union of the vineyards and the fertile land of Toro. 


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