Cienfuegos, a majestic revelation to our senses.

A very personal white, complex nose and mouth with a fresh but volume was born under the premise of getting a wine with good performance and aging capacity . For those seeking something more in a white out for their original blend in which we find the variety Albarín White , an almost extinct and minority , complex and intense grapes and distinguished by its floral notes , fruit and vegetables.

This white wine from the V.T. Castilla y León it is one of those wines that do not leave anyone indifferent and once tasting, it´s unforgettable. The wine is made with the varieties 50% Albarín blanco, 25% Verdejo y 25% Godello.


Verdejo old vineyards are located in San Roman de Hornija . Godello is Albarín old vineyard and has about 30 years. Area: 1.2 hectares of Verdejo , 1 hectare of Godello and a half hectare of Albarín . The soil concentration by a large boulder on the surface and a sandy- loamy , poor texture and well drained organic matter in the root zone are characterized . The Climate Mediterranean continental , with hot summers and severe winters much with very low extreme temperatures and frequent frosts . Less than 1000 kilograms per hectare for Verdejo , 1500 and 3500 for the Godello for Albarín. This is the performance of these varieties. 


Once in the winery the grapes undergo a long maceration of Albarín (24 hours ) and Godello and Verdejo of 12 hours or less in stainless steel tanks before being pressed slowly and gently .

Fermentation and aging on lees were carried out in new French oak barrels of 225 and 300 liters ( 80 % new oak ) remaining there for 9 months until bottling .

In nose complex aromas thanks to the work on lees and oak barrels , which give fruit notes of white bone , hints of chamomile , vanilla and smoked .

Palate, unctuous comes with good ride and sufficient to bring you fresh acidity. The ideal temperature is between 10 and 12 ° C.

Recommended for the next eight years consumption.

César Muñoz selection is the personal project of César Muñoz , one of the great values within the Spanish oenology. Under his baton , and with the help of his team oenological advice , they have developed and continue to develop today some of the most amazing wines in emerging wines in Spain ( Cyan, Leda Viñas Viejas, César Príncipe , Montebaco , among others ) .


In words of César: ” The unique vineyards , sometimes they find you and sometimes you find them and fall in love ” and this is one of those case. 

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