Angelitos negros, a wine among the greats Toro wines.

Red wine from D.O. Toro, 100% Tinta de Toro very high freshness and easy to drink.


Selection of grapes in the vineyard and in the winery , selection table cluster .Shelling vintage , with total elimination of scratches and other foreign elements. Maceration and fermentation with whole grains 30% of the harvest and crushing for the rest of it . Ending with its draining and pressing at low pressure. Moderate stabilization prior to bottling. malolactic fermentation in cement tank. Aged for about 6 months in French and American oak barrels (50 % ) oak one and two previous uses .

Attractive red cherry color with violet tones. The nose is intense with fruit aromas (blackberry , strawberry and blueberry ) with shades of blue flowers ( violet). Marking wooden background nicely integrated without this never superimpose on the fruit.

Mouth  balanced, fresh, tasty , long, and with a final full of aromatic sensations . Temperature to enjoy between 14 and 16 ° C. Optimal recommended consumption now and in the next 3 years.

La Casa Maguila continues on the path of differentiation in Toro with the third vintage of their wine Angelitos Negros. It is a very friendly drink Toro , with extraordinary quality / price ratio that has taken the first step to consolidate as a wine among the greats.

images                        images-1

This winery is one of the young wineries of Toro responsible for the revolution in favor of a wine that finds its typicality in the fruity aromas of Tinta de Toro and not solely on its tannin and robustness.

The old and suffering vineyard is one of the key points of La Casa Maguila . In recent years ,the winery has sought the oldest vineyard and the most difficult pagos, the most remote places from the water , the sandy soil , the ground to gather greater set of circumstances that achieve disturb the vineyard to the point that his unless production is low and thus excellent quality . A grape varietal that collects high expression of the Tinta de Toro.


Jesus Peña , founder and alma mater, passionately defends “the backbone of wines Maguila is the fruit and the acidity of the grape that gives them smoothness, palatability and length” , and considers that this is ” wealth ” wine . By contrast , the classic attributes del Toro , its ” volume , balance and tannins that give structure ” are not on your list of priorities when developing its three brands : Cachito Mío, Quizás y Angelitos Negros.


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