Estrecho, “The best wine is the best vineyard”

D.O Alicante Red Wine, Estrecho is a 100% Monastrell wine made from a single vineyard located in the place named “Estrecho de Pipa” in Villena, situated at 700 meters about the level of the sea, with a special characteristics of the soil that make it unique.


The vineyard grows in thin sandy soil with limited organic matter. It is a traditional vineyard with 1500 plants per hectare in a traditional pruning with no irrigation; the fertilizer is compost from ecological sheep fermented by ourselves.

The wine has aged 14 months in new French Oak 500l.

Intense and bright red cherry with fine tear. Intense aromas in nose , very ripe black fruit appears along with quality wood .

Memories of toasted and floral with a touch mineral ( understory ). Mouth with a great intensity of flavors. Good content of fruit with good structure and a very lively and fresh acidity. Buttery and meaty. Very long finish .


“The best wine is in the best vineyard . ” This is the maximum of Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, delivered one hundred percent in developing a high quality wine and exquisite taste tending all the variables involved .

On the one hand , the vineyards , the level of water stress is controlled by a precision viticulture with sensors . on the other hand , commitment to the environment by using natural fertilizers and the cultivation of vines regardless of the use of pesticides, insecticides or any chemicals that could alter the intrinsic qualities of plants, and therefore wine .

The vineyards grow healthy and naturally in sandy soils with scarce organic matter , which allows grape maturity with minimum levels of stress and exhaustion. 


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