Viña El Pisón, the paradise of the senses

Viña El Pisón is a Red Wine, D.O Rioja, 100% Tempranillo, aging 14 months in French Oak Barrel.


Cherry dark cherry color , very intense. dense tear . The nose is elegant and complex . Great concentration of ripe fruit aromas with a wealth of nuances. Toast powerful sensations . Mineral touches and some liqueur .

The palate is round , rich and elegant. A wine that fills the mouth highlights fruity flavors with a mineral and spicy character . mature , creamy and fine tannins . With a fine roasted aftertaste . Very long and persistent finish.


Artadi , one of the most emblematic wineries in the Rioja Alavesa , where the viticulture prevails with respect and coexistence , with the aim to preserve nature and the set of natural resources vines . The attitude of the winegrower , before these premises coexistence , is not confrontation with the vineyard or combating natural factors. By contrast , the winegrower joins the process helping your support and understanding in times of adversity and developed a great respect and understanding of the behavior of nature.


In 1985, Laguardia (Alava). A group of winemakers, village men and women with rooted traditions who focused on the vineyard and its wines, founded Artadi. Shortly after, their obsession for the careful cultivation and the cult of the vineyard allowed them to draw out the personality of their individual wines, a reflection of their origins. In 1996 and 1999, this same conviction guided them to pursue other projects  in Artazu (Navarra) and Pinoso (Alicante).

The head of this fabulous obsession is Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, is one of the most creative and brilliant visionaries of Spain , author of some of the most sought-after wines. It was the helmsman, he is leading to Bodegas Artadi at the forefront of Rioja in the last decade of the nineties creating a new concept of terroir wines attached . After obtaining the highest score guru Robert Parker (100 points out of 100 ) for wine Viña el Pisón 2004 , the fame of this enologist and winemaker surpassed national borders.


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