Gratallops 5 partides Vi de Vila, 100% character Priorat.

Red Wine 100% Carignan D.O. Priorat,  Vi de Vila. Aged for 15 months in new French oak barrels .


Like its name suggests, 5 Partides is made from grapes of Carignan from five farms coster , that is planted on slopes, altitudes and with different orientations : Camp d’en Piquer ( 250 m, this orientation) , Coma ( 300 m, south facing ) , La Capella (300 meters south facing ) , Mas d’en Pallares ( 300 m, with south – west orientation) and Vinyals ( 250 m , facing south ) . The vineyards owned by the family, have over 100 years and all are at the end of Gratallops , hence it is considered Vi of Vila de Gratallops , transmitting all the personality of this terroir as mineral.

The wine is complex and demonstrates maturity. A great wine with volume, soft, long and elegant.

images-1 images

The Ripoll Sans family founded their winery Celler Cal Batllet in 2000, after the restoration of an old family winery where formerly rancid wines were made for export to Cuba. Since then, under the responsibility of Marc Ripoll, the winery has clearly opted for the wine of terroir and sustainable viticulture and manual processes capable of expressing the uniqueness of their soils.

All production comes from the 10 hectares of vineyards, some of them 100 years old, the winery has in Gratallops and Torroja Priorat. There, on slopes of licorella, Cal Batllet especially native varieties grown in the region: Grenache and Carignan for its red wines, and traditional and almost disappeared escanyavella (Marisancho) for its white wines.

In 2009 the winery decided to take a step further in its commitment to terroir wine and passes to develop their ranges “Closa Batllet” and “Petit Batllet” under the distinctive “Vi de la Vila”. With this designation, integrated into the D.O.Q. Priorat, the origin of the wine is guaranteed and the identity of each of the towns of the region and its geographical, environmental, climatic criteria is strengthened, etc.

The “Vi de la Vila” is made exclusively from grapes from these municipalities and local varieties recommended by the Regulatory Council. In the case of Cal Batllet, the result of this new stamp is a unique and strong personality wines. complex, intense and structured wines that manage to convey all the particularity of the land and 100% Priorat character.


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