Carmen Hilera, back to classic

Carmen Hilera, Red Wine from D.O. Rioja, made by Benjamin Romeo (80% Tempranillo, 15% Garnacha and 5% Graciano). A great tribute to his mother.

Aging 24 months in barrel and 36 months in bottle Barricas two and three wines, 100 % French oak.


The mother of Benjamin Romeo is Carmen Hilera , is 82 years old  and  was born in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, there  everyone knows by Caracolilla, a nickname that comes from her family . Benjamin, a guy who gives you many laps to things placed on the label of the wine – tribute a small golden riojana caraquilla crowned by a blue dot , the same shade as the jaboncillo tailor who used Carmen , dressmaker at home, and a photograph of the sample with a flowered pamela , portrayed holiday at 26 years old. 

Red wine Carmen presents a ruby red high and bright. The nose is fine and elegant with hints of ripe fruit mixed with notes of woods, such as cedar , vanilla and coconut and fruit compote ripe.

The palate is fresh, tasty , long and consistent. You will have a long and interesting life . We will have to follow him closely . Feminine and subtle wine.


Carmen is a wine made from the heart , because it is dedicated to my mother. When we were building the new winery I thought it was time to develop a different wine , and combining modernity and tradition was born this wine so endearing . 

This wine is different from all previous concept developed in Bodega Contador . With him back to the origins of the production of red wines aged in Rioja. They follow the quality standards of Riojas of great vintages of the twentieth century but with the personal touch of Benjamin Romeo.


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