Valdesil, an elegance expression of the Godello variety

100% Godello variety. Original Pedrouzos clone, this white wine is aged on its lees and offers power, personality and long ageing potential in bottle.

The wine is a cuvée from different vineyards of Godello on grey slate soils from the Vilamartín de Valdeorras village, where favourable altitude and latitude enable a full ripening of this variety.  it fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts and was aged in contact with the lees for six months with weekly bâttonage.


A complex white revealing mineral and fine lees notes and pleasant citrus characters along with delicious unctuousness, nicely balanced by fresh acidity.Subtle and elegant, it whispers to you about white fruit, bay leaf and hints of fennel. The palate is nicely textured with a subtle minerality that makes it quite long and supple.

It all started when an ancestor of the Prada family convinced of the nobility of the variety godello, plant the first peza godello in 1885, on the high slaty hillsides in the valley of Sil. The vintner family spirit has its origin in an endearing character, José Ramón Gayoso, vintner Portela. This plant the first vineyard vintner entirely with the variety “Godello” convinced of the potential of this indigenous variety of Valdeorras and against the currents of the time.

Gradually they are expanding these plantations were small plots “Pezas”, choosing the best locations around Portela. Years later, many of these plots were sold to other winemakers, remaining only owned the estate of Pedrouzos. But in 2001, the younger branch of the family, began to recover those small pieces that had belonged to his family several generations ago, inspired by the possibilities of the variety and the particularities of the valdeorresa region, and infected Illusion that first winegrower, who against the trends of the time, planted the oldest farm in Galicia godello there today: Pedrouzos.


All “pezas” godello that were planted by the family in the past have been repurchased and reintegrated to the family heritage. Thanks to this recovery effort, have been able to carry out his own selection and put into practice unusual techniques in the Galician viticulture, as is working with groundcovers.

Today, thanks to a heritage recovered and a team of excellent professionals, Bodegas Valdesil has managed to produce wines that reflect the origin and variety, elegant, powerful and with an unmistakable personality.


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