Alabaster, a powerful elegance

Red wine of the D.O. Toro,  made 100% with Tinta de Toro grape variety and aging of 18 months in new French oak barrels and racked every 4 months

Alabaster personifies the identity of the terroir of Toro. 


Harvest, exclusively manual rigorous selection of fruits that are in good sanitary conditions and maturity in the vineyard and in the winery using a sorting table . The harvest took place October 8, 2013 . Winemaking, stemming manually , grain by grain selection . Fermented in open wooden vats . Trodden traditional and pumping very soft. Fermentation for 10 days at 28 ° C . Maceration with the skins for 21 days. malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels .

Purplish black  color. In nose black fruit , liquor , asian spices and flowers background . The palate is velvety , well balanced , elegant, powerful and complex, with a long finish and persistence.

Teso La Monja winery marked the beginning of a new era in Toro. Marcos and Miguel Eguren brothers, have for years been contributing to the transformation of this zamorana villa.


The winery  is a sober architectural beauty in whose design combines perfectly the most current insight into the production of great wines with the experience , history and the good work of past rises. Modernity on sturdy foundations. In this context the Almirez, Victorino, Alabaster and Teso La Monja wines are made . Wines that convey the essence of the Tinta de Toro with subtlety and freshness , two characteristic attributes of all wines of Miguel and  Marcos Eguren.


In Toro can be found prefiloxéricos very old vineyards , which does not happen in other Spanish D.O. as La Rioja , where the plague swept all strains. Thus, Teso la Monja has planted 90 hectares of vineyards , mostly indigenous live and foot, located in the towns of Valdefinjas , Toro and Villabuena del Puente. These vines have an age ranging from 35 years to younger vineyards and 130 of those for the production of Alabaster .

In Teso la Monja sustainable agriculture is also practiced, with organic fertilizer and delicate work in warehouse. Traditional methods are combined with the latest technology to extract the mineral nuances of privileged soils.


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