Galia, an expressive wine of terroir

Galia is a red wine produced by the winery El Regajal, winery located in the town of Aranjuez to the south of the Community of Madrid. The Regajal is a unique property located in the municipality of Aranjuez , on the southern boundary of the Community of Madrid , known since the mid -nineteenth century by entomologists all over the world. Live on their land 77 of the 225 species of Lepidoptera of the Peninsula , interesting not only by number but also by the rarity of some of them.

The estate, structured on a main valley , surrounded by hills and mountains , with side valleys , is crossed by a stream fed by leaks Sea Ontigola . Its vegetation is dominated by Kermes , alternating with Esparto , broom , thyme , olive grove and vineyard.


Galia is a blend of 93% Tempranillo and 7% Garnacha. The grapes come from six small parcels of old vines located along route 130 Km from the Duero River as it passes through the provinces of Soria, Burgos and Valladolid. They are planted to an altitude plots ranging from 795 to 968 meters above sea level, with calcareous soils and calcareous clay.

Galia is a red wine with an aging 18 months in French oak barrels. A wine of terroir, expressive. With a long haul guard where he will show its full potential.


Red color with purple trim . dense tear .  The nose is a fresh wine in which the fruit, especially ripe red fruit notes . Gradually appears cedarwood, snuff , minerals, soil and cinnamon.

A wine that surround , powerful, but very elegantly presented . Tasty , unctuous . Good acidity . Balanced. Medium bodied . Aftertaste with presence of red fruit , minerals and vanilla. It is advisable to decant.

Galia is the work of Jerome Bougnaud, French enologist with extensive knowledge in winemaking terroir. Jerome comes from a family of wine growers from the French region of Cognac, and has collaborated with major wineries in Spain as a Quinta Sardonia or Domain of Pingus. 


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