Abadia de Retuerta “Selección Especial”, a winning wine

Produced from the selection of the best grapes from each of their “pagos” , combines the richness of Tempranillo , Syrah intensity and elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon.(75% Tempranillo, 15% Cabernet sauvignon, and 10% Syrah)V.T Castilla y León


Dark red , clean , fresh and complex nose, intense fruit entrance has a touch , mainly red fruits. Aged between 16 and 22 months in barrels of French and American oak wood brings notes of cedar, and roasting. The entrance is kind but firm . Tasty.

Intense maroon coat . Intense and ripe nose , mineral aromas that give way to black fruits such as blackberry and blueberry.

The palate is elegant, very balanced , enveloping and silky , polished tannins and very balanced , long and persistent acidity. Develop its potential over the next 3 years and then refined in bottle.

Abadia de Retuerta is synonymous with wine. Wines heirs of the rich wine tradition of the area. achievers internationally recognized wines . clean , expressive , friendly , with its own modern and innovative style wines. respectful of the customs of the region wines.

Perhaps we are talking about one of the most advanced wineries in Europe. They were pioneers in the region to use sorting tables . Each cluster is separated by hand, allowing them to choose the best grapes for their wines . Processes pay homage to the land and grapes. To reduce phases and be more careful and respectful of the fruits of the vine , they have designed and patented an environmentally friendly method of vinification by gravity. The result is a more natural and delicate grape processing.


Duero River basin where the vines grow is the result of thousands of years of erosion, landslides and changes in soil composition.

This has given rise to a great diversity of terroir. The winery’s vineyards dot the north-facing slopes, climbing from the shore to heights reaching 850 meters. This difference in altitude, combined with different soil types, produce variations in performance of each payment, obtaining grapes of very different qualities. The work philosophy Abadia Retuerta lies in winemaking for “pagos”.

The floor of each of its 54 plots has a different composition: clay on the banks of river sand on the slope, gravel in the lower layers, limestone heights … Therefore, each payment hosts a unique variety of grapes which they must be carefully selected to extract from them the best of the land. The winegrowers of this house avoid excessive intervention because they believe that nature has an important role to play.

They are aware that the true architects of their wines are time and the environment: sun, rain, frost, drought, dew, hail … However, to achieve the best results adapt the latest technology to its work. It seeks perfection, with the idea that a wine does not big a vintage, but an entire career.



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