Primer Rosé, the last jewel made by Marqués de Murrieta

Always a step ahead in the pursuit of innovation, Marqués de Murrieta First Rosé is the latest jewel in the winery.

This wine D.O. Rioja not only mark a before and after in the history of pink in Spain to be the first to be developed with 100% grape Mazuelo to be marketed globally, but reaches also the absolute limits in the rosé world, always preserving the integrity Marques de Murrieta in his unique way of making wine.


Mazuelo, a grape extraordinary and low production in Rioja, Marques de Murrieta gets First Rosé stands out for its aromatic uniqueness and its so particular color accompanied by a high palate harmony. The result is something unique in the world Rosé, a dreamer wine, ambitious spirit, demanding, cool and responsible: First Rosé is the youngest and subtle expression of Marqués de Murrieta. Limited to 5,000 bottles wine, making it a jewel that has been carving for years in the cellar, and has a unique presentation, only the height of the wine it contains.


After harvesting the grapes are de-stemmed and the must skin is separated for the first wine, which is introduced into stainless steel tanks for fermenting go slowly. After fermentation , lives for forty days , with its fine lees.


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