Ataulfos, a Grenache by Jiménez-Landi

100% Grenache from  D.O. Mentrida .Red pillory color very attractive . Lower-middle layer. Nose, balsamic and floral notes are added to mineral nuances.Flavour Balanced, combines memories of ripe fruit and light floral sensations .


Jiménez-Landi Ataulfos takes the name of the plot from which the grapes. It is a vineyard of 60 years old, planted in glass, occupying one hectare and a half. Soils are sandy type silicon origin.

The plots are at an altitude of 830 meters and the climate of the area receives continental and Mediterranean influences. Viticulture is carried out ecological type. Vintage clusters Jiménez-Landi Ataulfos is performed manually and beans are transported to the winery in small boxes to prevent breakage.


Already in the cellar, without going through any process of de-stemming, alcoholic fermentation in barrels it is carried out for 35 days. Subsequently malolactic fermentation occurs in the same containers. Finally, Jiménez-Landi Ataulfos rests for 20 months in French oak barrels between 500 and 3,000 capacity. This wine is bottled without being clarified or filtered nor cold stabilized.


Bodegas Jiménez – Landi is a family project that emerges fruit of passion for the field and the vineyard.Currently JOSE BENAVIDES JIMENEZ – LANDI runs the winery with the aim of making great wines based on respect for the environment , tradition and balance with the environment. Limited production wines that represent the typical characteristics of soils and varieties with which we work and the nature that surrounds them.


The project is focused on working with GARNACHA/GRENACHE as indigenous variety of the area without neglecting other varieties that is showing its good adaptation .

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