Contador, a great signature wine

Contador, a red wine from D.O Rioja (92 % Tempranillo, 4% Graciano y 4% Mazuelo). Displaying a blackberry red high intensity and brightness.  

Aged 19 months in new French oak 100 %

On the nose , plus red and ripe black fruit , emphasizes the character balsamic and herbs (thyme , rosemary , lavender , fennel ) . Sample, Also , a marked mineral character background of very fine woods and well integrated .  The palate is fine and powerful yet also very bulky. highlights a great balance between fruit and oak. Aftertaste long and intense finish . Very ripe and tasty.

We’ve all heard of big business successes that have been born in a garage, and Contador is one of those examples. This wine got 100 points Parker in two consecutive vintages elaborated in the garage of the father of Benjamin Romeo .


Contador is one of the best Spanish exponents of what means a signature wine , an appeal given to those wines that philosophy and the hand of the winemaker is especially present , something that Romeo gets overseeing every detail both at the vineyard as in warehouse.

Currently , the project started so humble , it has become a large cellar structured on 3 levels or terraces that reproduce the original slope of the land and at the same time facilitate handling wort gravity throughout the process. This peculiarity makes it one of the most architecturally interesting wineries of San Vicente de la Sonsierra , from which spring some of the best wines of the D.O. Rioja.


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