Zona Zepa, the notes of Yecla terroir

Monastrell 100% red wine made from centuries-old vineyards . During the harvest all processes were performed manually, the grapes are harvested in boxes of 10 kg approx.

On arrival at the raisin wine per table selection is destemmed and proceed to fermentation in a controlled manner . After the fermentation proceeds pressing and the wine is passed perform barrel where malolactic fermentation. Spend a minimum of 20 months in French oak barrels .

Wine author with limited production. Ruby intense. Very aromatic nose, with noticeable hints of very ripe red fruits, balsamic notes such as licorice and incredible burnished due to the high quality of the barrels . The palate is structured powerful , tasty and very sweet turn . In this wine we find the notes of terroir and Monastrell at its best .


Bodegas Barahonda  has its origins in nature. It is rooted in tradition and the land of this unique place in the world . Delivers a product with character, technically refined by the hand of man.


” All the kingdoms of the earth for a glass of wine ! The whole science of men by the sweet fragrance of fermented ! Monastrell All the love songs by the pleasant murmur of wine that fills our glasses ! ” Omar Khayyam


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