AALTO PS, a real treat

100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) from very old vines, ranging from 60 to 100 years old. Grapes destined for AALTO PS  2013 are always subject to the most stringent selection process. The fruit used to make this wine comes from our best Pagos (the name given in Spain to small vineyards with unique characteristics) in three villages of Ribera del Duero: La Horra, most of it, and small amounts from La Aguilera and Fresnillo.
We harvest exclusively by hand, using small 15kg containers. Once harvested the clusters of grapes are brought immediately to the winery where they are thoroughly inspected, one by one, on a grape selection conveyor belt.



Malolactic fermentation in new barrels, followed by an average oak ageing of 20 months in 100% new French barrels.

AALTO PS 2013 was bottled the last week of June 2015.

A wine from the Ribera del Duero complex , very fruity and extremely elegant considered by many as one of the great wines of Spain . A real treat .

An intense, deep ruby colour typical of AALTO wines. Aromatically the PS 2013 offers up liquorice, spice, graphite, toasted bread and tobacco notes along with a base line of pure ripe fruit indicative of fully mature Tempranillo grapes. The palate is fresh and precise, both relevant features of the 2013 vintage which, although a little less powerful than the previous years, offers great finesse and perfect balance. The tannins are silky and structured, melting into the whole, with the wood elements perfectly integrated. We have in our glass a long and elegant wine that can be drunk now or be kept for years to come. If properly cellared we foresee a long and positive evolution in bottle, the wine gaining balance and complexity with age.

      AALTOPS         images

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