Duaia, an autor wine for collectors

A long red wine of the D.O Priorat (50% Garnacha, 30% Syrah, 20% Cabernet sauvignon) , tasty, with good power and a virtue that we love : being able to move to their place of origin thanks to its organoleptic characteristics, which stand balsamic notes and minerals so characteristic of Priorat.


Very perfumed nose . Highlights balsamic and eucalyptus notes with a mineral background. stewed fruit, caramel , toffee and raisins . In mouth ripe fruit that blends with the slate features the wines of Priorat. Good balance between the marked acidity of the wine and warmth . High palatability.

The wine was in wooden vats of 4,500 liters , reducing sticks with slightly crushed grains. Followed by a series of infusions of the skins with the must – wine during the 25 days of the alcoholic fermentation (which takes place with indigenous yeasts ) .After pressing, the wine was aged for 21 months in new French oak barrels .

Vineyards located in the Serra Alta, on a farm located in the area of the wines Gratallops villa . His vineyard is very special , it has a very high density planting (7500 vines per hectare ) and is driven in a circle looking for a uniform ripening of all clusters of the plant. Strains located 500 meters high and facing south.


Vineyard settled on llicorella , allowing the grapes to fully mature and provide the typical mineral expression of the wines of Priorat.

Duaia is a red wine for collectors . After each harvest only 2,000 bottles are obtained , a small but very logical to be a signature wine born in a region where yields are always looking for the highest quality limited number.


Oenologist who is behind this wine is Sara Pérez , one of the most respected processors in Spain not only for being the daughter of Josep Lluís Pérez , one of the pioneers of modern wine Priorat , but for their ability to sign wines of great Mas Martinet height , from where other widely contrasting wines as Els Escurçons , Clos Martinet or Camí Pesseroles , which are among the best in Spain.

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