El Terrerazo, the dream of a great Bobal come true.

In Mustiguillo wines do not come from one day to another, are projects that take years of work and research until finally one day see the light. It is a winery in which things are done with an extraordinary level of detail and therefore its wines are treasure troves for those seeking a perfect singularity under development. 

El Terrerazo, we would like this wine was able to convey the essence of the climate, the people and culture of Terrerazo . What we are . We seek to offer the highest expression of our farm in the Mediterranean highlands. A very special wine that reflects the refinement of our chalky soils and nuances of each vintage . This was the first Vino de Pago certified in the Spanish Levant. 

It is 100 % made from Bobal variety , a native variety that the winery tries to recover . The grapes come from old between 40 and 65 years of low production vineyards. The vineyards are planted on calcareous soils of dolomitic origin at an altitude of between 800 and 824m. For cultivation ecological viticulture is used . For the preparation of Finca Terrerazo takes place a traditional winemaking. After a complete stripping and mild crushing of grape musts fermented in oak vats of 35hl for 8-10 days . Subsequently, a post -fermentation maceration takes 12-16 days . Finally Finca Terrerazo spends 21 months aging in French oak barrels .

A great dream to taste!!


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