Salinas 1237, the wine potential reflected in the literature of Azorín

The Salinas 1237 is the higher-end wine cellar . Only 3,000 bottles are made with Grenache dyer oldest farm ( almost 50 years) . The name of the wine comes from the highest point of the Sierra de Salinas , which is 1237 meters.

An intense and brilliant garnet robe, the nose is complex , with great load of ripe red fruit (strawberry, currant ) ; very clean and elegant. The palate is juicy, with a very present ripe fruit, creamy notes , toffee , licorice and balsamic with hints of scrubland. Very elegant and well assembled , round, long and persistent.

Handpicked in boxes with strict selection in the cellar . pre -fermentation cold maceration with gentle extraction by homogenization and pigeage . Total maceration of the skins for 25 days. malolactic fermentation and aging on lees in new French oak barrels for 21 months.

The wine potential of the environment Villena , near the winery, is reflected in the literature of the hand of a famous author in the area, José Augusto Trinidad Martinez – Ruiz , better known as Azorin . In his book ” Confessions of a small philosopher ‘ (1904 ) he said : ” The real Alicante covers the terms of Villena , Biar , Monovar , Pinoso . And then , on level ground , an assembly of vineyards and lands paniegas appears. “

This is possible thanks to an accomplice and environment of unparalleled beauty where 42 hectares of vineyard Monastrell and Garnacha coexist seamlessly with other foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot well with almond and olive trees. The area, marked by a mild climate , without too many ups and downs, facilitates the creation of wines that do not lose the identity of the area but more friendly to the palate show that other wines marked Mediterranean cut born in lands where the heat is more , which often results in a higher alcohol potential .


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