Aeroplanservaj, Wild plane

The name of the wine had to be the mirror of a past that is reflected in the present,
and I thought there was nothing more meaningful than the nickname the father of Domenico Clerico gaves to him: the translation in Piedmont dialect of Wild Aeroplane.
The name perfectly embodied what my father saw in me: a child, a boy, and then a man who flies over the surrounding hills in his imagination and lands, sometimes, for a few moments to be part of the real world.

Naturally, this new Barolo, 100% nebbiolo originating in the rented vineyard in Serralunga, also had to be expressed by a completely different concept on the bottle.The production is around 6.500 bottles with a barrel program from 26-36 months in French oak barriques (80%new – 20% once used)

As a result, six different labels representing the Wild Aeroplane were chosen and are presented all together in the same wooden case, giving a complete pictureof the “fantasy” that goes into the wine as soon as the lid is lifted!

A great piece for the collection of a world wine lover


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