Casa de la Cera, a blend for the senses

Deep garnet-red on high layer, this is the visual presentation of the Wine “Casa de la Cera” of Castaño’s wineries, a fantastic blend that combines Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Red Grenache varieties, a set of them in it’s proportions turn in a crazy way our senses.
Wine with 20 month barrel aging that make intensive and complex with balsamic scents, spices and minerals with a very fruity background, where we find ripe red plum and will berries.
Once again, The Castaño’s family have relocated our senses, elegantly they have created a charm Wine with a successful acidity and tannin which highlight notes of sweet cocoa in a large exquisite end.
“Casa de la Cera” is one of the selected wines that with the time win and almost invite us to enjoy in the privacy, savor every palate to close the eyes an imagine the perfection of this moment.

“Crazy senses, crazy senses, eyes look the deep red color,
Nose discover the secret smell, mouth enjoy every palate, every step
Crazy senses, crazy senses”


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